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Hear.Here LLC, a Primary Wave Music company delivers quality entertainment to captive markets of tweens and teens, ages 6-17 through a unique, age appropriate captive ROCK CONCERT experience which kicks off the day with campers and bands participating in branded activities provided by our sponsors.

The concert tours feature emerging artists in a stage-show that accomplishes HH’S multi-faceted commitment to creating a unique experience for its participants, being a responsible partner to its hosts, and a resource to the camping industry.

Camplified has successfully completed nine seasons in the Northeast and has now expanded its reach into the South, Midwest and West Coast camping regions. Goodwill generated from the previous tours, camping industry relations and the success of the Camplified artists’ drew significant attention to HH’s efforts and has accelerated the growth of the opportunities. Camplified is celebrating its 10th Anniversary and will reach 50+ camps this season and 50,000+ teens/tweens on its summer tour.

Camplified is a celebrity, music and branded interactivity fantasy experience. It begins in the morning when trucks roll into camp, prep the camp-stage, break out the sound system, lighting and generators, band equipment, set up the branded tents and activities for campers and the enthusiasm of the campers intensifies.

Day long interaction between the bands, campers, and brands take place by way of lunch/cook-outs, scavenger hunts, relay races, games/contests, guitar clinics and Q&A’s with artists. Campers are treated like VIP’s who have ALL DAY access passes to this music festival.

The concert performance is the finale of the day and will run about ninety (90) minutes (it can be adjusted as needed by the camp). Three (3) artists will take the stage performing twenty-five (25 min) sets promising a MENU of talent for your campers, representing the music tastes of campers of all ages. Directly following the concert will be a meet n greet whereby campers will each be handed a commemorative tour poster that they will have signed by the artists appearing at their camp. Writing essays for school has become very popular these days. These are works of various levels and quality all in one package. A cheap online essay writing service is usually associated with an inferior product. While there are many essay writer cheap
, here are some tips that can help you find a quality provider. Campers can also expect to walk away with product giveaways provided by our sponsors